Advanced Workshop „R&D Work Space 2015+“ – Designing Spatial Solutions for Future R&D

The R&D workspace is meant to have a considerable influence not only on the efficiency of R&D workers but also on the quality of their outcome, the internal and external communication and finally the attractiveness of companies for „high performers“.

The advanced workshop „R&D Work Space 2015+“ is organised in collaboration between the Fraunhofer IAO and the R&D Management Conference. Objectives of the advanced workshop are the following:

  • Understanding the R&D work space:
    Basic concepts of R&D work space design.
  • Learn from Good Practice Cases:
    Selected experiences from industry.
  • Explore new directions of work space design:
    Where to go next?

Based on the expertise of the Fraunhofer IAO, namely the Competence Center R&D Management and the Competence Center Workspace Innovation, the advanced workshop is organised interactively with industrial partners and researchers willing to bring this topic forward and to participate in the development and design of the „R&D Work Space 2015+“. The advanced workshop takes place on the Fraunhofer Campus in Stuttgart, Germany on the 12th and 13th of October.

A detailed programme will be available soon.

Flavius Sturm
Nobelstraße 12, 70569 Stuttgart
Telefon +49 711 970-2040 , Fax +49 711 970-2299

Further Information:
Event Flyer
Fraunhofer IAO
R&D Management Conference Website

Sven Schimpf

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